Hot Pepper Mash

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Meadow Creek Farm

     A multi-acre market farm located in Northern Arkansas zone 7.  We harvest corn, carrots, squash, green beans, lettuce and super hots.

     Grown with out any pesticides or additional fertilizer this mash is grown and fermented right on our Farm in Arkansas USA. This Hot Pepper Mash is screaming hot and bursting with flavor.

Made only from the hottest peppers we grow.

Carolina Reaper

Red Moruga Scorpion

Yellow Moruga Scorpion

Red Brainstrain

Yellow Brainstrain

Mustard Trinidad Scorpion

     We  let the diced and pureed peppers ferment for 6 months to  1 year with nothing more then 3% salt. Before we process we boil to kill the fermenting process so the bottles don't explode and use only citric acid not vinegars for shelf stability.  The results are pure peppers and heat. Use this Mash for making your own hot sauce, salsa, or spoon it on your food.