Hot Pepper Mash

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 What is Hot Pepper Mash?

Hot Pepper  Mash is most common in the USA and in Asian Countries. Most of the worlds most popular hot sauce companies use it to make their great sauces.

To make the mash, we dice and crush our farm freshly harvested chilies with 3% salt and leave it to ferment for 6 -12 months. This enhances the flavor of the chili , lowers the PH and makes it a great versatile product for sauce manufacturers to use.

Citric Acid is added after we boil to stop the fermentation process to help preserve and keep it shelve stable . We use no Vinegars that can effect the overall flavors. The end result is a great tasting, stable food product that has a much longer shelve life.

To make your own hot sauce using chili mash, simply grab some base ingredients like spices, onions, garlic, carrots and vinegar, add in some chili mash and your sauce is ready to go.

**WARNING** This stuff is hot and careless use can result in serious pain!

Once opened, put it in your refrigerator,  this will keep the product fresh for around a year

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